Venture development manager 👨‍🚀


As Venture Development Manager at Forcit! You support the founders, team members of new ventures, and innovation teams. In this role, you will work directly with the innovators and decision-makers (boards). Venture development is collaborative, you will work closely with thematic and sectoral independent experts that are accredited by Forcit. Your role is to bring knowledge and accelerate the systematic development of early-stage ventures (social value proposition, marketing, operations, revenue model, sales strategy, etc), analysis and detailed planning, guiding through the commercialization pathway – and setting up ventures to grow independently. Take responsibility for adapting tried and tested methods and designing support programs. Facilitate learning processes and giving trusted guidance to individual ventures.

  • You bring support in venture building, understand their challenges and facilitate matchmaking with Forcit accredited independent experts 
  • You take the lead in developing and rolling out the business model for the venture
  • You conceptualize and implement the product strategy, pricing, finance, roll-out strategy, and marketing for the venture
  • You develop and introduce all necessary processes to scale the venture(s)
  • You develop action plans and execute them together with the venture(s)
  • You continuously face and tackle challenges hands-on 
  • You build and lead venture teams on all levels as well as guide the team by OKR planning sessions and cycles
  • You support fundraising activities and support, facilitate investor relations
  • You prepare board meetings and presentations
  • You perform meaningful data analyses based on an OKR-driven approach to infer consequences that are implemented within and beyond the new ventures
  • You define benchmarks and roll-out processes international under different local conditions
  • Recruit, induct and support pro bono mentors and financial coaches
  • Lead the recruitment of ventures and sit on assessment panels.
  • From time to time, support the design and facilitation of workshops and the development of high-impact innovations and pipeline of ventures.


You have an inquisitive, detail-oriented mind and strong interpersonal skills. And a passion for thriving impact, in particular, we are looking for someone with a firm grasp of the needs of rapidly changing impact-driven ventures, the entrepreneurs who drive them, and an authoritative and confident approach to deploying a range of methods to help them take and make positive social change and impact. 

You will also have a deep enthusiasm for and commitment to impact venturing. 

  • You graduated top of your class and have demonstrated outstanding achievements in academia and beyond
  • You have professional experience in top-tier management consulting, investment banking, venture capital, and/or business development
  • You have a track record in a similar role as a management consultant, project leader, or as a founder for your own business
  • You are a pragmatic problem-solver with excellent analytical to tackle conceptual and strategic topics
  • You have strong organizational skills to manage priorities and take action to meet deadlines while staying within the budget
  • You are a proactive and kind personality with confidence and the ability to communicate with the management and board level
  • You have a natural networking approach and take action to build lasting, functional relationships
  • You are a passionate personality, a caretaker
  • Your colleagues would reference that you are a fun and great person to work with
  • You are passionate about moving tasks forward, take full ownership of projects and show leadership skills that inspire the people you work with to continuously challenge the status quo and strive for improvement